New Fleet Addtions

Fastnet Shipping is delighted to announce the 2 Latest Additions to the Fastnet Shipping Fleet Twin Sisters "Fastnet Pelican" & "Fastnet Petrel".

"Fastnet Pelican" & "Fastnet Petrel"  are both classed by DNV (DNV 1A1 HSLC R1 wind farm service 1).  



Some Key Features of both vessel Include

• High performance, low fuel consumption

• 14ft deck loading capacity
• Slot for 10 foot container
• Personnel transfers up to 2m significant wave heights
• Multiple mounting points for a 4t/m crane
• Forward crane with 4t lifting capacity
• Hull form ensures maximum fuel efficiency
• Fuel transfer operations
• High pressure washing of turbines
• Wet room for technician changing area
• Highest levels of passenger comfort

For further details on each vessel please contact our office on +353 51 832936.

Specsheets for each vessel can be viewed on our website here "Fastnet Pelican" & here "Fastnet Petrel"

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